Brian Ritchey - 5 Spot residency

In the realm of raspy Americana, one might find the name of Brian Ritchey’s most recent release Bordeaux a little misplaced.  But rather than a European sabbatical, the name refers to the area just north of the Cumberland where Ritchey wrote the album and has lived some 15 years.  Over that period, his honest and oftentimes melancholic music has woven in and out of country rock and garage-y pop, departing briefly in 2010 for his lushly contemplative concept album No Way Out of This House.  Bordeaux is an group of songs effective in their simplicity.  Plaintive and relatable, they voice the kind of grasping thoughts you have when something is visible but just beyond reach.  Tenderness aside, there is a southern rock thread that runs throughout this richly produced and tastefully performed album.  Fans of Jason Isbell and Ryan Adams will relish this, the first in a month-long weekly residency at the 5 Spot. 6pm at The 5 Spot